An empowered mother is a Mom powered mother.

Raising a teen in the best of situations is often fraught with challenge. What’s the right thing to say? What should I not say? You don’t want to turn your child off but you know she needs boundaries. 

Sometimes our own issues get in the way of our best parenting.  Through powerful healing processes that get to the core of your issue, you will learn not only to support and love your precious teen, but also to know and love your precious self.

Mindset workshop

It’s ALL about mindset. 

you can succeed

Believing you can succeed

In this 1 1/2-hour workshop, I will help you to create the mindset of success. I will share practical tips and techniques, as well as Torah insights, regarding the way to shift negative, self-defeating thoughts about yourself and your abilities to positive, motivating thoughts and actions.  Through a hands on process called Shape Shifting, I will help you to create “success energy” which will ultimately help you manifest your desired reality. 

Get in touch to schedule a workshop for your group / organization / school.

One-on-One Coaching

My one-on-one coaching is a highly individualized and goal-oriented program.  In this step-by-step process, we work together to help you reach your desired reality.  Through your responses to my directed questions, I determine which therapeutic healing process will be most effective in moving your mom/teen relationship forward.  

Powerful processes include:

Challenging a Belief

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In this process, we look at beliefs that are bringing you down and challenge them by asking powerful questions designed to bring you to the objective truth.

Timeline Process

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Working through your subconscious mind, we go back to the root of the pain and engage in a dialogue with your younger struggling self. The goal of this exercise is twofold - to release the old pain so you can move to a place of peace and to create a new empowering belief you can bring forward in to the future.

The Emotional Journey

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Through this process, you will learn how to empty yourself of distressing emotions to bring yourself to a place of peace. This exercise is especially useful when a client is holding a lot of emotion over a past event or series of events. For example, if you’ve experienced years of hurt and pain in a dysfunctional marriage.

Anchoring in an emotion state

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Humans function best when they are in a high vibration state. Through neurolinguistic programming (NLP) processes, the client learns how to re-program her brain to achieve a higher vibration.

DARE technique

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Sometimes the anxiety feels unmanageable. In this 4-step process, the client learns how to - Defuse, Allow, Run toward, Engage. This technique is very effective in helping the client break free from her anxiety.

Empowering metaphor process

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Sometimes a client feels weak in a certain area of her work performance. This process will help empower her to perform at her peak.

Reclaiming boundaries

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Often we need to heal our own boundary issues before we can maintain appropriate boundaries with our teens. In this process, we work on reclaiming your boundaries.

Other effective processes

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Clearing Fears, Shame & Guilt, Ideal Mother, Goal setting, Anchoring in a safe place, Peace process, Body scan, Breathing techniques

Interactive Group Workshop

Anybody who’s ever raised a teen knows teens live in their own universe complete with separate laws and norms.  Today more than ever it is crucial for us as mothers to understand  how our teens view the world. Only with our understanding of what they’re going through and our acceptance of their uniqueness, can we hope to obtain a lasting, loving and deep connection with them that will carry them through their challenges. 

Before we can get to any of that – you, Mom, have to feel emotionally  supported and validated in your difficult parenting challenges.

In this interactive class, in person or via zoom,  women feel supported and validated, knowing they’re not alone in their struggles. I conduct interactive workshops at  set times throughout the year OR you can bring your own group and I will be happy to accommodate their needs.  

Topics covered in the Be M-Powered workshop:  

Getting in touch with your emotions I Self-care I Understanding today’s teens I Emotional Love I 5 Love Languages I Mindfulness techniques I Insights & tools to create a loving relationship

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