Make your peace of mind a priority.

 No matter what stage or age you are in your life, chances are you’re feeling the strain of our fast-paced century.  You long for a getaway, a chance to unwind and spend time in nature . 

In a beautiful scenic setting, with your comfort in mind, our 2-3 day serenity retreat is  designed to bring together Orthodox Jewish women of all ages in an atmosphere of serenity, harmony and tranquility.

A retreat allows you the space and time away from your everyday routine, so you can look within to create the changes that you would like to see in your life. 

After only a few days,  you will feel calmer, more empowered, and ready to face the challenges  you left behind.


recharge your body

Recharge your body with activities such as boating, hiking, and swimming.

rejuvenate your soul

rejuvenate your soul

Journaling, meditations and kumzitz sessions provide the opportunity to expand and rejuvenate your soul.



Bond through team-building activities designed to provide camaraderie and the possibility of new friendships.


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