Like many of us in the helping field, my passion and drive to become a “mom-powering” Empowerment coach was fueled by my personal experience raising my own teens. As various issues with each child arose, I was forced to go beyond standard parenting classes to try to understand what my child was going through so that our relationship could flourish. 

My education and training include: mastery coach certification from the Dina Friedman Academy and empowerment coach certification from Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s Machon Adam HaShalem. As a professional, I am committed to staying updated with my skills. I am constantly involved in continuing coaching education classes and programs.  

In addition to my coaching training and experience, I have been Rebbitzen of The Young Israel of Bedford Bay in Brooklyn, NY for over 25 years.  In that capacity, I have taught many classes and lectured on many subjects including shalom bayis, personal development and taharas hamishpacha.

My experience, education and training in multiple healing and manifestation processes, including the DeMartini method, provide me with a variety of options for custom coaching my clients.

coach shifra

“Her workshops are very practical”

Shifra encapsulated and presented clearly, very doable information for ‘real’, healthy living all in a very pleasant manner!

Yocheved R.
Lakewood NJ

“She is clear, patient and very encouraging.”

Coach Shifra really helped me get through fears in many aspects of my life including, relationships and school. She is so clear, patient and very encouraging.

Brooklyn NY