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Empowering moms to form warm, loving & lasting relationships with their teens.

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Teenager lives here

As a mom of a teenager, do you often wonder whether you should be concerned about your teen’s behavior or chalk it up to “just” being a teenager?

Some niggling worries may be:

My son has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

My daughter has very little appetite.

My son never says a word to me - except when he needs money.

I don’t like my daughter's new friends.

Alternatively, do you know all’s not right and are turning to self blame and despair?

Do you:

Stressed mom

If Men are from Mars, Teens are from another Universe

If you are currently the mom of a teen, chances are you grew up in a vastly different world than your teenager is growing up in today.

For one thing, life moves much faster now than it ever did. With one click on the phone at anytime, you can be communicating with anybody, anywhere.

With another click, you can access information that would’ve taken months or years to acquire or was inaccessible in previous decades. If you can do it, chances are your teen IS doing it.

How can you control your teen’s environment without being controlling?

Answer – you can’t.

My Teen/My Self

(They both need care)

It is my belief that the ONLY way to protect your child today is through building a strong and loving relationship with them.

And the only way to build a strong and loving relationship with your child is through building a strong and loving relationship with yourself first.

Hi, I’m Shifra

As your Empowerment Coach, I will help you harness your natural and innate G-d-given ability to form a loving and lasting relationship with your teen AND yourself.

My unique approach to healing the mom/teen relationship includes healing the mom/inner-self relationship. 

In my one-on-one coaching and workshops, you will have access to meditations, tools, insights and powerful processes that  emotionally support YOU as you learn how to bring out your teen’s best self.

As I guide you in our sessions and workshops, you will have the benefit of my expertise and years of experience. My training includes mastery coach certification from the renowned Dina Friedman Academy as well as certification as an empowerment coach from well-known life coach, Rabbi Aryeh Nivin, founder of Machon HaAdam HaShalem.

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Cut the fluff

Walk away with real skills and know how

MOM-powered Is Empowered

Every mother has the natural, G-d given power and ability to bond with her child, even her teenage child, even when that child is acting against all Mom’s better instincts.

Learning how to shift perspective to access your mom power is your birthright and a gift to yourself and your child.

Tools of the trade

Learning the appropriate tools and how to use them is essential in any endeavor.

The hands-on tools I teach will help move you forward in creating a loving relationship with your teen at whatever stage (beginning or further down the road) of your child’s journey.

Giving Love/Getting Love

If Mom has never received love, how can she show love to her child?

Sometimes personal emotional blockages that need healing prevent you from reaching your goals.

Through powerful healing processes, you will learn to heal your past in order to heal your child’s present.


Finding Serenity At Any Age and Stage of Life

Life can get stressful. Every woman deserves time to recharge.

Find inner and outer peace through nature’s beautiful surroundings when you join me on a serenity trip.

serenity trips

Help your teen/pre-teen become their best self in a stressful world.


A 6-week hands-on, interactive Zoom series